Does a cheap ISO9001 alternative exist?

A blog to explore whether it is possible to have a cheap quality certification.

Cost for ISO9001 certification

This is a question that many manufacturers and their certification bodies are asking when considering the cost of gaining quality control certification. The answer is no, there is no ISO9001 certification that is cheap. Every ISO9001 certificate will cost a company a good amount of money. Even if a company buys a certificate from a third-party, they will still have to pay for that service. So, the only way to have a cheap ISO9001 certification is to not have one at all.

Are there cheaper ISO9001 alternatives?

There are some third-party validation service that allows companies to self-certify their own quality management systems. With the evidence provided by their own documentation, companies can attest to follow the certification aquired.

Some of these certifications are branch adapted certification system, for example within the construction sector, where a large ISO9001 certification program is to expensive for smaller construction companies, leading to that only very large and also expensive construction companies will get construction contracts. This results in a unfair market competition and higher construction costs.

Thats why some construction organisations and unions, have set special certification requirement programs, to make it easier for smaller construction companies, to bid on larger contracts, but still keep a high quality level.

QCERT is another of these adapted certification programs, aimed for startups and service SMEĀ“s, that need a certification as proof of quality work to increase business success, ensure customers, staff, partners and investors that quality is a high priority as well to be able to participate in procurements for aquiring larger contracts.

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