Do we need a quality certification?

Quality certification also for small businesses

Many believe that a quality certification is only for large factories or manufacturing companies. Having ISO 9001 certification can help small businesses to substantial to grow their market.

Whether it’s a factory, an office, or a small business, quality certification can be of use. The reason for this is that having an ISO 9001 certificate means the company is taking the necessary steps to ensure its customers are getting the best service possible.

Quality certification is a process that assures customers that the products they are buying are of the highest quality. The certification also ensures that there is a system in place to ensure consistent quality. It also minimize the quality issues that normally involves alot of headache, worries and costs. It also can lead to loss of customers and badwill in form of a bad reputation.

Quality certifications can be some form of ISO9001 or similar quality certification, which establishes and maintains a system for the manufacture of goods and services to ensure customer satisfaction with regards to: effectiveness, performance, reliability and maintainability of products; transferability or reproducibility; and safety/environmental aspects.

A great quality system, will ensure growth and profits!

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