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The staff recruitment templates below is a fully working certification process, demonstrating how an recruitment could be managed, to ensure that recruitments are done in a great way!

You are free to use these templates within your business, best of luck with your recruitments!


Note: This process and documents are not adapted for all business variations of recruitments, if you need a developed version for your business or other processes, please contact us!


To understand the value of a thorough staff recruitment process, you need first to understand the costs and consequences of a poor recruitment.

A poor recruitment of staff, could have really bad consequences, where a bad work climate, loss of clients, theft and other serious affects could be a result.

Therefor, you need to make good recruitments, every time and thats where the process is used, to make a recruitment process same everytime, to avoid those consequences.

Actually you are choosing between putting time, money and worry before anything happen or on conflicts and problems trying to solve when it has happened.

Also remember, that any time you could avoid conflicts, costs and worry, and instead invest in sales and growth, is a great business success solution!

Process documents

A overview on how all document flows within the recruitment process.

The recruitment policy as overall guideline of all recruitments within the company.

A recruitment starts with a staff order, based upon a need for more employees, special skills etc.

Instruction on how and where to publish job ads, to to attract new staff.

A general application form for applicants to fill in.

Send a confirmation letter that a application has been recieved.

Details on how a interview should be booked.

Confirmation letter for booking the first interview.

Checklist to use during the interview.

Checklist on how to interview references.

Background check checklist

Instruction about personality tests when required.

Checklist for special skills and knowledges for example, computer skills, velding etc.

Checklist when physical tests are requried on physical demanding jobs.

Checklist on how to make drug tests.

Checlist to use during interview 2 if applicable.

Letter of that an application has been rejected.

Instruction on how to archive job applications including notes for any future needs.

The overall checklist for making recruitments better, by checking the various recruitment steps.

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