Are you a startup or SME?

Don´t make the mistakes most growing companies do!

Use quality and environmental certifications to succeed!

Do you have a successful business?

No, but I plan to start!

Do you have this innovative idea for a new revolutionary product or service and want to start a company?

Then do it properly from start and save maybe millions of dollars in growth and profits by keeping your quality and environmental footprint at first!

Yes, we are a startup!

Have you started a company recently which are just startup phase?

You should really consider to focus on your quality and environmental effects in all areas of your business from start, it will save you alot of headache, worry and money!

Yes and we want to grow!

Have you been on the market for some years, but feel that you have hit the roof of your capacity or maybe has grown to fast?

Then it´s really time to get your quality and environmental processes ready for all your business so you can continue to expand your business and profits!

Do you control your business main areas?

All businesses has the same core functions, to make a business work effectively. If these basic functions are poorly organized, business growth and profits will be strongly affected!


Business management core duties are related to supplying the organization with quality processes and controls (PDCA).

Marketing & sales

Marketing and sales process are all the activities that aim to increase sales, turnover and profits.


Any type of operations, production, manufacturing or services needs a thourough quality processes.


Quality in recruitment and employee branding are key quality aspects to maintain a successful business.


All financial aspects including invoicing, salaries, suppliers, payments, reports etc need to be secured by quality processes.


Businesses have various affects on the global environment. Protect the world by securing your environmental footprint.

Your QCERT manuals!

Your QCERT certification consists of a full process overview of all business areas, to ensure quality, growth and profits.

Your QCERT certification is also a excellent way of showing shareholders, customers, employees and other partners that your business quality is a priority. Your QCERT certification also give you access to larger customers and business opportunities, where a quality certification is a must.

Your QCERT manuals are developed in Microsoft Office 365 formats to be able to be adapted for your business.

All manuals are digitally signed with your QCERT verification id to ensure and control your certification.

Our 4-D process (PDCA)

1 - Plan

Establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results.

4 - Act

The act phase is where a process is improved. Records from the “do” and “check” phases help identify issues with the process.  Root causes of such issues are investigated, found and eliminated by modifying the process.

2 - Do

The do phase allows the plan from the previous step to be done. Small changes are usually tested, and data is gathered to see how effective the change is.

3 - Check

During the check phase, the data and results gathered from the do phase are evaluated. Data are compared to the expected outcomes to see any similarities and differences.