Are you a business that need a ISO9001 or ISO14001 certification?

Get a cheap quality certification for
your business!

Are you looking for a ISO9001 or ISO14001 certification?

ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications are very expensive and timeconsuming, especially when you are a startup or SME. But you still might need one, to ensure business success, prove customers creditability and participate in procurements!?

Yes, we need a cheap quality certification!

Cheap ISO9001 alternative

If you are considering a standard ISO9001 quality certification, we are sure you also are considering the time, costs and efforts that you are getting involved to as well.

You also must ensure, that the investment you make for the certification of your business success, will give great return of investment.

QCERT offer a cheap and low cost quality certification alternative to a ISO9001-certification.

Yes, we need a low cost environmental certification!

Low cost iso14001 certification

When your business are determined to make your business production and activities, better for the environment, you might consider a ISO14001 Environmental certification.

If you are obliged by clients and/or for procurement activities, you might also need to prove that you are environmentally committed by having a environmental certification.

QCERT offers a easier, cheaper and simplier environmental certification, especially aimed for startups and service businesses.

Make your business success guaranteed!

All businesses has the same core functions, to make a business work effectively. If these basic functions are poorly organized, business growth and profits will be strongly affected. A quality certification will review and develop working processes, systems and documents that can be repeated in the same way, to ensure your business success!


Business management core duties are related to supplying the organization with quality processes and controls (PDCA).

Marketing & sales

Marketing and sales process are all the activities that aim to increase sales, turnover and profits.


Any type of operations, production, manufacturing or services needs a thourough quality processes.


Quality in recruitment and employee branding are key quality aspects to maintain a successful business.


All financial aspects including invoicing, salaries, suppliers, payments, reports etc need to be secured by quality processes.


You are the most important asset of your company, you need to have health and energy to build your business.

QCERT is your better alternative!

Your QCERT certification is a simplified and low cost certification, that consists of a full process overview of all business areas, to ensure quality, growth and profits. 

QCERT is especially developed for Startups and SME´s that need to show shareholders, customers, employees and other partners that your business quality is a priority. Your QCERT certification also give you access to larger customers and business opportunities, where a quality certification is a must.

Your QCERT manuals are developed in Microsoft Office 365 formats to be able to be adapted and changed for your business.

All manuals are digitally signed with your QCERT verification id to ensure and control your certification.

The 4-D process (PDCA)

We use a well developed certification model, to ensure you a sustainable quality and environmental certification.

1 - Plan

Establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results.

4 - Act

The act phase is where a process is improved. Records from the “do” and “check” phases help identify issues with the process.  Root causes of such issues are investigated, found and eliminated by modifying the process.

2 - Do

The do phase allows the plan from the previous step to be done. Small changes are usually tested, and data is gathered to see how effective the change is.

3 - Check

During the check phase, the data and results gathered from the do phase are evaluated. Data are compared to the expected outcomes to see any similarities and differences. 

How to make a certification!

You can make your QCERT certifications in 2 ways:



QCERT is mainly providing certifications as a Do It Yourself programs with constant support because there are many benefits of this solution:


Certification consultants

We do offer certification consultants for businesses that does not know how or have the time for a certification.

Please contact us for further information and quotation.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

QCERT are effective and low cost certification processes and documentation within quality and environment for SME.

QCERT is developed to remove the high cost barriers of ISO9001 and ISO14001 which actually stops smaller companies to work with high quality and environmental protection.

You have 2 alternatives:

1 – You make almost all of the certification work yourself and preferrably with your team within our certification portal. We will only verify and ensure that processes are covering, are adapted to and are usable within selected certification area.

2 – You can ask us to make the certification processes, this thougwill be more expensive and we would propose that you make it yourself, since it´s a great learning experience.

The mapping and documentation process is the same, but since a manufacturing business has more processes, it will require more time. 

The most difference is within the environmental certification process, since a manufacturing business has more environmental aspects to consider.

You own all your processes and documentation!

All your processes and documentation is yours forever. The certificate is valid for 1 year and can be renewed at a low do-it-yourself fee every year which grants you a new certificate.

Yes, that is fully possible to suit your language requirements.

Yes, we have a unique digital QCERT identifications on each document and have a customer verification process where anybody can check if your company holds a valid cerification.

When it works, repeat it,
if it doesn´t work, develop it!

Would You Like The Benefits Of Quality and Environmental Certifications?

QCERT is specially developed for startups and service SME´s that require the benefits of a ISO9001- and ISO14001 certifications, without investing the full work and costs of a ISO9001- and ISO14001 certification!

QCERT are affordable and “light versions” of ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental certification processes especially developed for startups and service SME´s that require the quality and environmental benefits, but don´t need the full work and costs of a ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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