Auditor handing over quality certification material

Show your customers that quality is delivered!

Get an ISO9001 quality certification alternative that is simple and cheap!

Increase your profits by getting your quality processes in order!

1 - Management processes

Full documentation of processes within management work:

  • Management

  • Development

  • Quality

  • Mergers

Include process overviews, checklists, letters, documents etc.

Having a quality certification, is a guaranteed way of business success through quality. You are ensuring clients, competitors, staff, suppliers, investors and procurement buyers that your business is focused on providing great quality. Your business will also be able to grow without headaches and unnecessary costs when you set your internal quality processes.

2 - Marketing processes

Your marketing processes are the stright road to sales success:

  • Tenders

  • New sales

  • Increased sales

  • Customer branding

Include process overviews, sales letter, checklists, calculations, CRM-systems proposals etc.

QCERT Operations processes
QCERT Operations processes
QCERT HR processes
QCERT HR processes
3 - Operations processes

Operations is where your customers will experience your products, services and systems quality:

  • Start order

  • Increase orders

  • End orders

Include process overviews, checklists, letters, operations planning and documentation etc.

4 - HR processes

Full processes for quality recruitment and hiring of your key resources:

  • Recruitment

  • Employment

  • Staff wellfare

  • Ending employment

Include process overviews, policys, checklists, applications, answer letters etc.

5 - Financial processes

Keeping a thourough financial overview is feeling the “pulse” of your business:

  • Invoicing

  • Reminders

  • Salaries

  • Suppliers

  • Payments

  • Reports

Include process overviews, policys, system proposals etc.

6 - Other processes

Other important processes are:

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Coaching

Include process overviews, checklists, documents, letters etc.

QCERT Recruitment process
QCERT Recruitment process

Examples from staff recruitment process

QCERT Application letter
QCERT Application letter
QCERT Recruitment checklist
QCERT Recruitment checklist
Process overview
Get your QCERT certificate!

When your business complete the QCERT certification process, you will get your quality certification.

Your quality certification is an excellent way to prove to you customers, shareholders, staff, and other partners that you are keen of working with the best quality.

Above that, your business will save alot of headaches and money when you keep your processes up-to-date and use them in your organization.

QCERT Quality certification certificate
QCERT Quality certification certificate

How to get a certification!

A - DIY-programs

QCERT is mainly providing certifications as a Do It Yourself programs with constant support because there are many benefits of this solution:

  • You will learn about all parts of your business!

  • Involving staff, will make it much easier to implement processes which will give better effects!

  • Doing the work yourself, will save you consultancy costs!

  • Require that you take the time for doing the work!

B - Certification consultants

We do offer certification consultants for businesses that does not know how or have the time for a certification.

Please contact us for further information and quotation.

You can get your QCERT Quality certifications in 2 ways:

A businessman holdig a tablet with cog wheels
A businessman holdig a tablet with cog wheels

When it works, repeat it,
if it doesn´t work, develop it!